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Kawasaki h2 750 triple

$ 0

Street Name:Widow maker
MOT Expiration Date:Not needed
Start Type:Kick start
Submodel:Widow maker
Previously Registered Overseas:Yes
Capacity (cc):750
Drive Type:Chain
Metallic Paint:Yes
Previous owners (excl. current):2
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Kawasaki h2 triple.1971.This was brought by me some years ago and l completely rebuilt it did 40 odd miles on it and left it sat in the garage.
Information about Kawasaki H2 for sale on this page. See price and photos of the H2 Kawasaki
I brought it to ride not to sit but covid and other work commitments have kept me away from my projects. But my loss your gain.but with 13 other bikes something has to give.She was rebuilt from the ground up engine wesco pistons 1st 2 nd selector forks replaced lakeland ignition lvans carb kit which needs fitting once engine is run in. Only done 49 miles since rebuild.The frame was repainted leaving the original decals in place. The paintwork was left l wanted to paint it white but the club stopped me and its worth more if left as is .im a perfectionist so everything has to err perfect lol i would paint it .I will let you the new owner put your stamp on it.Everything else has been renewed. Seat metal base foam and cover air box rubbers and inlet rubbers. Wheels were very good but put butted stainless spokes in the front was left as in great condition just did the daring in front and rear. All bolts were replaced replated or stainless where they cannot be seen. Indicators replaced with correct rear lenses.what genuine parts l could get from zpower l brought...... The pattern switch gear was rubbish so rebuild the original. Hours and hours of cleaning and polishing stainless polished the list goes on.To get the bike ready to sell l stripped the barrels off and cleaned them new gaskets cleaned the barrels as they looked a little dirty to be honest should have just used a brush. Stripped the carbs cleaned and polished them fresh fuel ran the bike up all as it should be. Drained the fuel out of the carbs so no fuel sitting in carbs.It come with other spares.the original exhaust all complete but need rechrome handbook tool kit manuals pattern switch gear road tests and what else l can fine goes with it.Please no test pilots no money no bike. And collection within 7 days. Any questions please ask.

Item Information

Item ID: 228657
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Gillingham, United Kingdom
Last update: 10.08.2021
Views: 5
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Kawasaki h2 750 triple
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