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Selling Kawasaki kx125 1985 Motocross,evo, retro, vintage

$ 0

Engine Size:125
Country/Region of Manufacture:Japan
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Kawasaki KX 125 1985
Selling my kx, bought in December with intention of racing this year, but covid and injury stopped play.
Rode the bike a few months ago on field in Wales,clutch was slipping but have bought a new cable to fix that.
The last owner restored the bike as seen in some photos, powder coated frame and rims and wheel rebuild.
New Plastics and seatnew Pro Circuit Pipenew rear shocknew tyres and list goes on.
A great cool looking rare bike.I need an electric start! so hence sale.
Based in Berkshire and London Can deliver at cost.
Please email any questions.

Item Information

Item ID: 227793
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: berkshire, United Kingdom
Last update: 5.08.2021
Views: 13
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Kawasaki kx125 1985 Motocross,evo, retro, vintage
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