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Selling Kawasaki zx 10rr 2017 Race/ track bike

$ 0

MOT Expiration Date:2017
V5 Registration Document:Present
Capacity (cc):975 to 1159 cc
Vehicle Type:Super Sport
Type:Super Sport
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Seller Description

Kawasaki zx10rr 2017 Race/track bike with 2328 milesConverted to track bike when bike had 1200 milesLast time used in May 2019 so that is main reason for sale.Mupo rear shockMWR performance air filterCarbon frame and tank protector.RG Engine and frame protectorsSpare wheels with discsSome second hand bridgestone v02 + one new setGPR steering stabiliser+ plug for electric dumper not fittedABS plug will allow you to switch abs off on rear or both wheels.Brembo rcs 19 master cylinder + original Brembo master cylinderMPH exhaust with insert for 98Db good for Bedford autodromeSpare arrow exhaust with link pipe from my 2011 zx10rECU flashed for MPH exhaust with proof from Mss PerformanceRace shift with autobliperOriginal fairing including with sale.
If any questions just message me.

Item Information

Item ID: 233977
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: West Byfleet, Byfleet, United Kingdom
Last update: 12.09.2021
Views: 10
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Kawasaki zx 10rr 2017 Race/ track bike
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