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RD200A good condition of starts on the button historic vehicle

$ 0

Street Name:Rd
Capacity (cc):198
V5 Registration Document:Present

Seller Description

Lovely 200 twin for sale, Powder coated frame, starts on the button and kickstart easily, used for a couple of years on a 60 mile commute, but now needs a decoke and tune up, chrome good other than exhausts which have a few dents and the usual miss routed battery breather pipe blemishes, front mudguard has a few imperfections but inclined to think they are from manufacture, rear mudguard is good and, pretty uniquely on these has no cracking above the taillight. Any questions please as, more photos to follow as soon as it stops raining!Can hold for buyer on reciept of £100 deposit no buy it now auction will run to end.
Information about Yamaha RD for sale on this page. See price and photos of the RD Yamaha

OK it has now stopped raining and I've added more photos and additional info as follows.
Bike has been garaged and unused since 1st lockdown. Today it fired up on electric start without even topping up the battery.A few minor niggles i would like to point out now I've had a quick check over.
1 as with many bikes of this era any key will start it so you may wish to buy a new ignition switch.2 the lights on/off switch is missing the knob bit but is no real problem to operate the high/low works fine.3 the tank badges are high quality gel but I never got around to fitting screws to complete the look.4 there may be a few other minors but this is over 40 years old
Additional infoI have owned the bike for about 8 problem free years, see v5 photo. Engine numbers match and I will not release further details of the reg number for security reasons.Please study photos as they form part of the description, feel free to ask questions or arrange to viewand once again there is no buy it now as it unfair to all the people watching.
Good luck with your bidding all the best Will
On 08-Aug-21 at 11:32:35 BST, seller added the following information:Photo of fork stanchions available on request cannot add to listing as bid received. Ps they are in good nick👍

Item Information

Item ID: 233067
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Holyhead, United Kingdom
Last update: 4.09.2021
Views: 2
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RD200A good condition of starts on the button historic vehicle
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