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Trailmaster XRX 300cc water cooled off road Buggy

$ 0

For sale by:Private seller
Featured Refinements:Off Road Buggy
Product Type:Buggies
Brand:Trailmaster XRX 300
Drive Type:Shaft
:“300 CC Water cooled 4 stroke Trailmaster 300XRX off road buggy in excellent working order. Only has 123 hours of run time on the motor (see photo of hour meter), great for off road fun or farm vehicle and would be great as a hunting vehicle with full roll bar, top speed of around 90kms an hour and will seat two adults comfortably (I'm six foot and 110kg and no issues with room or space). Also included is both front and rear new spare tyres and rims, ramps for offloading and spare carburettor. Price is not negotiable and only pickup available. Overall length of the buggy from rear rack to front bumper is 2200mm and width of buggy is 1350mm Rear tyres).The buggy has the following features/specifications:-Dual seats with full racing harness seat belt-Independent rear suspension-Automatic Transmission with Reverse Gear-Chain Shaft Dual wheel drive.-Rack and Pinion Steering-Electric Start & Speedo-Dual Headlights and LED driving lights-Front and Rear hydraulic disc brakes”
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Trailmaster XRX 300cc water cooled off road Buggy

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Item ID: 233286
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Gosford, Australia
Last update: 6.09.2021
Views: 0
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Trailmaster XRX 300cc water cooled off road Buggy
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