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Selling ULEZ certified 2002 Kawasaki W650

$ 0

Additional Information:V5 Registration Document Present
Start Type:Combo
Customised Features:Handlebars/Clip Ons, Paint Job
MOT Expiration Date:2022
Capacity (cc):525 to 674 cc
Vehicle Type:custom
Previous owners (excl. current):2
Drive Type:Chain
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Custom fuel tank, seat, handlebars, grips, suspension, and pipe wraps. (I still have the original fuel tank, seat and handlebars) New tires, new brake disc, new pads, new shoes, callipers recently aligned, new battery, new forks, new bearings in the front wheel. Carbs recently cleaned and re-set up. Added paneer rails and a sissy bar.
ULEZ certifiedMOT good for 12 monthsRoad tax good for 12 months
High mileage (78K) but you can see how much work I've put into it and it runs like a dream.
Information about Kawasaki W650 for sale on this page. See price and photos of the W650 Kawasaki
Cheap to maintain as parts are inexpensive and easy to get. Great for zipping around the city. Has plenty of zip and power. It regularly carries me and my girlfriend and two full paneer bags and I am still able to overtake with ease.
I'm happy to put you in touch with my mechanic who can tell you in greater detail the condition the bike.
The bike is nearly 20 years old and has miles on it so it's not a perfect showroom bike. But it's so much fun to ride and has such great character.

Item Information

Item ID: 227509
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: London, United Kingdom
Last update: 3.08.2021
Views: 10
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ULEZ certified 2002 Kawasaki W650
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