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Selling Vw kombi van - 1973 2.0L engine and gearbox

$ 8397

Model:Kombi (tin top)
Drive Type:RWD
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Fuel Type:Petrol
Cylinders:4 cyl - 2.0lt (type 4 engine)
Product Type:Kombi
Body Type:Bus
Featured Refinements:Panel Van
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“This a good honest bus with all the rust spots exposed (not hidden) - The chassis is rust free and in great shape - I have replaced one left side panel and i have the other sections to cut in and weld -needs work on front pillars and Mechanical work done- Engine has top end re-build with new twin barrel carbie- twin exhaust, gearbox good with new oil and seals. New brakes and handbrake cab-new front dropped spindles with new bearings and seals. New ball joints, New damper and track rods and steering coupling. I have too many vans for one bloke - missus says i have reduce numbers. Sadley this project bus needs to be passed on to a restorer that will do it justice - I have lots of bits and pieces that i have been collecting (new) that was going to go into this, so open for purchase on those items as well. Before i got it, I think the bus came from Phillip Island area (penguin sticker on window) hence the rusted bits on the body. Lets talk. Cheers Paul -Only serious buyers please.”
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Seller Description

This a good honest bus with all the rust spots exposed (not hidden) - The chassis is rust free and in great shape - I have replaced one left side panel and i have the other sections to cut in and weld -needs work on front pillars and Mechanical work done- Engine has top end re-build with new twin barrel carbie- twin exhaust, gearbox good with new oil and seals. New brakes front discs and rear drums with new pads and shoes, and handbrake cab-new front dropped spindles-(still have the originals. with new bearings and seals, shocks, new brake servo, . New ball joints, New damper and track rods and steering coupling. I have too many vans for one bloke - missus says i have reduce numbers.
Sadley this project bus needs to be passed on to a restorer that will do it justice (i did have some big plans for nice cruiser bus)I have various seats that can be fitted from Subaru outback- P.
Information about Volkswagen Kombi (tin top) for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Kombi (tin top) Volkswagen
S i am also wrecking a T3 Caravelle bus.
I have lots of bits and pieces that i have been collecting (new) that was going to go into this bus, like - RockN Roll seat/ bed frame, headlights, door seals, glass guides, tail lights all seat belts, Empi gear shifter, glove box and lid with lock, Handbrake grip, rubber front door step pads, rear number plate light, windscreen rubber, front door internal lever trim and caps, new wheel nuts, rear bumper irons, oil pressure guage (sender fitted to motor) , drivers side vent window frame, tailgate seal, LH-Cab door 1/4 light seals, front door window guides and scrapers, RH- window winder mech, front cab kicker panels, head lining and bows,
Stacks of second hand bits and pieces as well- including Gestalt Virouge 20" chrome rims with good Nankan 235/35/ZR20 tyres- the longer wheel studs have been installed, front LH door, rear tailgate, small suroof,heaps of original spare carbies, heat exchangers,
So, open to sell those items as well.
Before i got it, I think the bus came from Phillip Island, Vic- area (penguin sticker on window) hence the rusted bits on the body. Lets talk.Cheers Paul -Only serious buyers please.

Item Information

Item ID: 235510
Sale price: $ 8397
Car location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 18.10.2021
Views: 35
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Vw kombi van - 1973 2.0L engine and gearbox
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