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WK Colt 125

$ 0

Engine Size:125
Start Type:Electric start
Drive Type:Chain
V5 Registration Document:Present
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Seller Description

**1 Available only! - Ex Display 2020 Model - Brand new zero miles **We are selling our ex-display WK Colt 125. For 2021, WK have announced that they will only be supplying the Colt as a 50cc bike moving forward. This means that only a handful of new Colt 125 bikes remain so be quick and snap this one up while you still can!This learner legal 125cc geared motorbike is perfect for those joining the motorcycling world. The WK Colt 125 is easy to ride due to the short wheelbase which provides excellent manoeuvrability and agility, which even expert riders can appreciate. The digital gear indicator is a helpful addition for those learning to ride. It’s already a hugely popular bike in Europe due to its comfortable riding position and it’s 760mm seat height.
Information about 2021 for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
The WK Colt is the perfect size for motorhome owners, notably being ridden by famous road racer Gary Johnson in the racing paddocks across the UK (who can wheel it in and out of his motorhome with no problem!)Feature Highlights- Great MPG- Small and compact so not a concern if you only have limited storage space. Also easily fits in a van and possible even cars!- Lattice Style Tubular Frame- LCD Dash with Gear Indicator- LED Lights- Big cult followingContact us if you would like to discuss delivery. We work with a fantastic courier company who are fully insured to transport motorcycles and can get your new bike to you with zero hassle.If you would like us to help you with your insurance, please let us know. We work with a fantastic insurance partner and have discount codes for our customers. If you're a younger rider and struggling to insure a bike, this package might just be the one that enables you to get on two wheels!Thank you for viewing our advert, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.£1799+OTR

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Item Information

Item ID: 230792
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Tuxford Notts, United Kingdom
Last update: 22.08.2021
Views: 4
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WK Colt 125
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