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Yamaha FJR1300A 2017 Ex-NSW Police 100,xxxKM NSW rego

$ 8015

Product Type:Road Bikes
For sale by:Dealer
:“excellent condition inspections and test rides welcomed”
|Item status:In archive

Seller Description

Yamaha FJR1300a
2017 Generation 4
100,xxx KM
Ex-NSW Police30/6/2021 NSW Rego
Some Of The Key Features Of the Gen 4 FJR1300a Are
LED Headlights and Indicators6 Speed TransmissionHeated GripsCruise ControlAdjustable WindscreenRock Solid ReliabilityHigh-Performance 1300cc EngineShaft DriveSwitchable Engine MapsManually Adjustable SuspensionSingle SeatQuick Release Panniers
Finance Options AvailableShipping Available Australia WideAftermarket Extended Warranty AvailableInspections And Test Rides Welcomed At Our Kirrawee Location

Item Information

Item ID: 229495
Sale price: $ 8015
Motorcycle location: kirrawee, Australia
Last update: 15.08.2021
Views: 11
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Yamaha FJR1300A 2017 Ex-NSW Police 100,xxxKM NSW rego
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