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Selling Yamaha R6 (Only 4052 miles)! RELISTED Due to time waster!

$ 0

Type:Super Sport
V5 Registration Document:Present
Street Name:R6

Seller Description

For sale is my stunning Yamaha R6 (13s) 2011 with extremely low mileage at just 4052! It is a very reluctant sale but due to buying a new property and not getting used as much as I’d like to I’m letting it go.
This bike is in mint condition, rides fantastically well, sounds great, starts on the button first time, every time. All the electronics on it function as they should. It has always been garaged and maintained exceptionally well. has service history, all keys and manual. It has, thankfully, never been dropped or down the road. Never been on the track.
The bike has just had a brand new rear Pirelli (super corsa duel compound) tyre. It has the R&G crash bungs and ASV short adjustable leavers worth over £120. The bike has had the decat removed but passes MOT no problem and is the MGP slip on with the standard down pipes. It has a tail tidy and padock stand bobbins but apart from them little extras the engine is completely standard.
The MOT expires 18/08/22 and has a Full current V5 in my name. It’s got all 3 keys including the red one and the Alarm system.
Information about Yamaha YZF for sale on this page. See price and photos of the YZF Yamaha
If you check the MOT history it all matches up to as it should.
There is currently a private plate on the bike which I purchased myself for £500R6 LWX this will come with the bike as it will be no good to me once it’s gone. I also have the original plate if not wanted.
if i don’t get the right amount, I'll be looking to store it some where and keep it as an investment seeing as they don't make them for the road anymore.If you need any more info or pics, or to make offer :) please feel free to contact me: Luke - [hidden information]viewing welcomed, no test ride unless I hold money in full. The bike is advertised elsewhere and therefore i reserve the right to withdraw the item at any time.Bank transfer preferredThanks for looking.

Item Information

Item ID: 249030
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Wrexham, United Kingdom
Last update: 15.01.2022
Views: 2
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Yamaha R6 (Only 4052 miles)! RELISTED Due to time waster!
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