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Yamaha XVS650 Classic Vstar

$ 5573

Model:XVS 650 Classic
For sale by:Private seller
Product Type:Road Bikes
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Hi,Up for sale is my 2007 Vstar XVS 650 Classic.
Information about Yamaha XVS 650 Classic for sale on this page. See price and photos of the XVS 650 Classic Yamaha
I purchased this bike in September last year to ride for the summer and have just gone full license in March so its time for it to go so I can move on to a bigger bike next summer.This bike has almost all the fruit besides upgraded indicators.It has, custom lowline diamond stitch seat from unstoppable empire, 12" monster DNA bars, 19" custom front wheel upgrade (brand new whitewall tyre), hypercharger, forward control extensions, Vance and Hines short shots and kuryakyn spike grips.The tank has a dint that has been repaired but not painted but I have the color coded paint and clear to go with (never got around to getting it painted)The bike is in great condition for it's age with the expected stone chip here and there and I have the stock exhaust for rwc to go with it.29,332kms on the clock and rego is due next month no rwc.Offers accepted but lowballers will be ignored.If wanting to test ride cash must be in my hand.Thank youLocated Bacchus Marsh

Item Information

Item ID: 229515
Sale price: $ 5573
Motorcycle location: Darley, Australia
Last update: 15.08.2021
Views: 5
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Yamaha XVS650 Classic Vstar
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